Research Interests

  Numerical Electromagnetics

  • Full Wave Solution for Scattering from Rough Surfaces
  • Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method
  • Asymptotic Techniques for RCS Prediction and Doubly Curved Shaped Beam Reflector Antenna Design
  • Radiation from Slotted Arrays
  • Finite Element Method
  • Fast Multi-pole Techniques
  • Chirally Coated Bodies and RCS Management
  • Scattering from Hydrometeors
  • Effect of Terrain Undulations on the ILS Glide Slope
  • Spectral Iteration Techniques
  • Antennas Mounted on Satellites and Spacecraft
  • Synthesis of Mono-pulse Arrays
  • Synthesis of Antenna Arrays under Practical Constraints

  Multi Parameter Radars

  • Scattering Models for Weather Targets
  • Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radars
  • Radar Data Processor Design
  • Fractional Fourier Transform for Clutter Suppression
  • Fractals

  Signal Processing

  • Robust Speech and Speaker Recognition
  • Signal Compression for Satellite Imagery and Video
  • Optical Character Recognition for Indian Languages