Invited Talks


  1. Graduation Day address, Valliammai Engineering College, Chennai, 18 May 2013
  2. National Security Council, Delhi, 16 May 2013
  3. Supercomputing Initiatives under the 12th Plan. Workshop on National Super-computing Mission and Potential, CDAC, Pune, 8 February 2013
  4. Revenge of Silicon, Valedictory address, Course for Senior Executives, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, 25 January 2013
  5. Karnataka Electricity Board Engineers Association Silver Jubilee, Convergence of Technologies and Information Security,  27 December 2012
  6. Karnataka State Science and Technology Academy, Information Technology: Does It Empower the Last Person?, 19 December 2012
  7. Invited talk at Intelligence Bureau, 1 December 2012
  8. Science and Technology in China: Implications and Lessons for India, IT in China, ORF China Seminar Series, New Delhi, 3 February 2012
  9. International Conference on Data Engineering and Communication Systems, Revenge of Silicon, RNSIT, Bangalore,30 December 2011
  10. International Conference on  Planning Research for the Future?,  Planning Research in Science and Technology for the Future – an Indian Perspective, Freie Universität Berlin, 15 October 2011
  11. Dr K S Krishnan Memorial Trust & G S Hindu Higher Secondary School commemorative Lecture 'Excitements in the World of Computers', Srivilliputtur, 26 June 2011.
  12. CDAC Foundation Day Lecture, The Revenge of Silicon, Pune, 4 April 2011
  13. Graduation Day Address, Velammal College of Engineering, Chennai, The Revenge of Silicon, Pune, 9 April 2011.
  14. CDAC Foundation Day Lecture, The Revenge of Silicon, Pune, 4 April 2011.
  15. CNR Rao Hall of Science "Program in Engineering Sciences", Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, Trends in Information and Communication Technology, 24 January 2011.
  16. Key Note address, International Conference on Digital Library Management (ICDLM 2011) Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation,         A Decade of DLI and Now beyond, Kolkata, 13 January 2011.

  17. Invited talk at the AICTE Programme, Kamban Engineering College, Thiruvannamalai, Recent Trends on Information Science, 5 January 2011.

  18. Invited talk at the The Role of Science and Technology in National Security, DST Course on “National Security and Strategic Contexts.”, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, 22 September 2010.

  19. Invited talk at the National Seminar on Role of Technology in India's National Security, Manipal University, Role of Technology in Maintaining India’s National Security, 7 September 2010.

  20. Invited talk at the First US-India Joint Commission on Science and Technology Cooperation, Washington DC Information  Technology Benefits for Public Good: Indian Perspective, 24 June 2010.

  21. Convocation Address, Dr B R Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad, 19 April 2010.(Download PDF )

  22. Invited talk at the Advanced Data Processing Research Institute, Secunderabad, 5 March 2010.

  23. DRDO Directors' Conference, New Delhi, 24 February 2010.

  24. Third International Conference on Digital Libraries 2010, TERI, New Delhi, 24-25 February 2010.

  25. Invited talk on Information Security, International Conference on Management of Information Systems, IIIT Allahabad, 21-24 January 2010.

  26. Workshop on High Performance Computing in India, Portland, Oregon, USA, 17 November 2009.

  27. Keynote address Information Security Research in India, International Conference on Information Security and Digital Forensics, City University London, 8 September 2009

  28. Special address IISc’s Role in Science and Technology for National Security, National Seminar on Regional Security in South Asia, Manipal University, 9 April 2009.

  29. Keynote address, SAARC Seminar on S&T Digital Library, New Delhi, 2 April 2009.

  30. National Science Day address, DLRL, Hyderabad, 27 February 2009.

  31. Convocation address, AVC College of Engineering, Mayiladuthurai, Anna University, 30 January 2009.

  32. Indian Science & Technology Scenario, CAS-INSA Workshop on Information and Communication Technologies (WICT2008), Shenzhen, China, 20 November 2008.

  33. Universal Digital Library - Technological Challenges and Research Issues, CAS-INSA Workshop on Information and Communication Technologies (WICT2008), Shenzhen, China, 20 November 2008.

  34. Copyright Law - Changes to the Law and Policy, International Congress on Universal Digital Library, ICUDL 2008, Allahabad, 1 November 2008.

  35.  Status of DLI Today - November 2008, International Congress on Universal Digital Library, ICUDL 2008, Allahabad, 1 November 2008.

  36. Convocation address, Dayanand Sagar Institutions, Bangalore, 6 September 2008.

  37. Keynote address, National Conference on Library 2.0: The confluence of Web 2.0 and the library paradigm, University of Mysore, 21 August 2008.

  38. Computers and Indian Languages, Bangalore Science Forum, National College, Bangalore, 17 July 2008.

  39. Information Security Initiatives in India, Indo-Brazil Workshop on Computational Techniques, Academia Brasileira De Ciencias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 25 June 2008.

  40. Language Technology Initiatives in India, Indo-Brazil Workshop on Computational Techniques, Academia Brasileira De Ciencias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 24 June 2008.

  41. Trends in Information Technology, Sacred Heart Girls’ High School, 2 February 2008.

  42. Inaugural talk, Workshop on Cluster Computing, Atria Institute of Technology, Bangalore, 6 August 2007.

  43. Convergence of Technologies - Nano, Bio, Info and Cogno, Bangalore Science Forum, National College, Bangalore, 13 July 2007.

  44. Good Enough Translation, Microsoft Summer School, SERC, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 17 May 2007.

  45. Trends in Information and Communication Technologies and Information Security, Bharat Electronics Limited, Bangalore, 18 April 2007.

  46. Inaugural talk, IHPCSI Conference, Indian Institute of Science, 2 March 2007

  47. Inaugural talk, International Conference on Semantic Web & Digital Libraries, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, 21 February 2007.

  48. Special Address, International Conference on Digital Libraries 2006, New Delhi, 5 December 2006.
  49. International Conference on Bioinformatics, New Delhi, 20 December 2006.
  50. Good Enough Translation, The 2nd International Conference on Universal Digital Library (ICUDL 2006), Alexandria, Egypt, 18 November 2006.
  51. Methods for Automatic Evaluation of Sentence Extract Summaries, The 2nd International Conference on Universal Digital Library (ICUDL 2006), Alexandria, Egypt, 18 November 2006.
  52. IT and Information Security, Aerospace Luminary Series Lecture, The Aeronautical Society of India, Hyderabad, 29 October 2006.
  53. Trends in Information Security, The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers & S V U College of MPS, Tirupati, 17 October 2006.
  54. Trends in Information Security, Bangalore Science Forum, National College, Bangalore, 13 July 2006.
  55. ICT in Engineering, Technology and Society, Technology Day Lecture, Vijnana Bharati, Bangalore, 11 May 2006.
  56. Graduation Day Address, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, 29 April 2006.
  57. Trends in Computer and Communications Technologies, G M Institute of Technology, Davanagere, 22 April 2006
  58. Graduation Day Address, Arunai Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai, 19 April 2006.
  59. Universal Digital Library – Technological Challenges and Research issues, Library Association of Singapore, Singapore, 12 April 2006.
  60. Communications, National Seminar on Science, Technology and Society, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, 27 March 2006
  61. Trends in Information and Communication Technologies, Second Endowment Lecture, PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore, 24 March 2006.
  62. Graduation Address, Pondicherry Engineering College, 14 March 2006.
  63. Universal Digital Library - connecting users to digital contents, Keynote Address, 13th Biennial Conference Connecting with Users - VALA 2006, Melbourne, 9 February 2006.
  64. The Information Environment - Use and Protection in an Nationally Integrated System, 2nd Indo-Australian Conference on IT Security- IACITS 2006, Chennai, 16 January 2006.
  65. Trends in Information Technology , I7th T Narayana Reddy Memorial Lecture, Institution of Engineers (India), The Tirupati Local Centre, Tirupati, 27 November 2005.
  66. Trends in Information Security, Keynote Address, IEEE Kerala Annual Seminar ISEC-05, Thiruvananthapuram, 2 September 2005
  67. Million Books to the Web - Technological Challenges and Research Issues,   University of Sydney, 26 July 2005               
  68. Universal Digital Library - A test bed for Indian Language Technology Research,    28th Annual Science Festival, Bangalore Science Forum, 14 July 2005.
  69. Current trends in Information & Communication Technologies,    Vellore Institute of Technology, 30 June 2005               
  70. Security Challenges for ITES Industry,    Seminar on IT Infrastructure for Computative Advantages, HCL, Bangalore, 10 June 2005.              
  71. The Next Generation Information Revolution,    Informatics’ Silver Jubilee Seminar & InfoQuiz 2005, Informatics, Bangalore, 5 May 2005.
  72. Aerospace Electromagnetics,    IISC/P&G Interface meeting: Modeling and Simulation, Bangalore, 4 March 2005. 
  73. Digital Library Development in India: A Million Books to the Web - Technology and Research,    ICIM 2005, Mumbai, 24 February 2005.
  74. Keynote address, Combating Cyber Crime,    A N Jayaram UIA Conference, Bangalore, 30 January 2005.
  75. Automatic Evaluation of Extract Summaries using Fuzzy F-Score Measure", G Ravindra, N Balakrishnan, K R Ramakrishnan, International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON-2004), 19-22 December 2004, Hyderabad.
  76. Invited Lecture on "Million Books to Web: Technological challenges and research issues", N Balakrishnan, Raj Reddy, Madhavi Ganapathiraju and Hemant R Gogineni ,International Conference on Tamil Internet (TI 2004) Institute for Policy Studies,Singapore, 11-12 December 2004.
  77. OmSE: Tamil Search Engine,    Anandh Jayaraman, Srinivas Sangani, Madhavi Ganapathiraju, N Balakrishnan and Raj Reddy, International Conference on Tamil Internet, Institute for Policy Studies, Singapore, 11-12 December 2004.
  78. Invited Lecture "Biometrics and Judicial Processes",   Conference on Synergizing S&T with Judicial Processes, TIFAC, New Delhi, 19 November 2004.
  79. Invited Lecture on "FICUS The Indo-French Cyber University Our Experience", Asia Pacific Meet on Science Education, Asia Education Forum, 26 October 2004, Bangalore.
  80. Cyber Adversary Behaviour from a Socio-Cognitive Perspective, Honeywell International, Bangalore, 18 October 2004.
  81. Invited Lecture on "Information Warfare and Risk Management", Seminar-cum-Study on Emerging Dynamics and Risk Management in Southern Asia, Directorate of Net Assessment, Headquarters, Integrated Defence Staff, 5 March 2004, NIAS, Bangalore
  82. Digital Library and Information Security,    Workshop on Digital Library and Information Security, Nanyang Technological University, 22-26 August, Singapore, 2004.
  83. Universal Digital Library,    University of Mauritius, 25 June 2004.
  84. New trends in ICT,    University of Mauritius, 23 June 2004.
  85. Invited Lecture "Information and Communication Security in India",    Indo-US Workshop on Science and Technology to Counter Terrorism, Goa, 12 January 2004.
  86. Key Note Address on "Trends in Information and Communication Technology", 'Prithibimb' , at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore,  4th December, 2003.
  87. Special Address on " Information Security", at Punjab Technical University- Acceptance speech for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) of Punjab Technical University, 2nd December, 2003.
  88. Key Note Address on "Trends in Information and Communication Technologies", at Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani, 21st September, 2003.
  89. Million Books on the Web- An Example of Indo-US Collaboration, Lessons Learnt and the Road Ahead, Key Note Address, First Indo-US Workshop on Open Digital Libraries and Interoperability, Virginia Tech, USA, 22nd June, 2003.
  90. Information Security & Cryptography, Inaugural Lecture, National workshop on Information Security and Cryptography  at Amrita Institute of Technology and Engineering,  Kerala, 11th April, 2003.
  91. Trends in Information and Communication Technologies, Sapthagiri Engineering College, Bangalore on 28th April, 2003.
  92. Trends in Computers and Communication, Endowment Lecture at SASTRA, Tanjore on 4th April, 2003.
  93. Bioinformatics in Bioparks, TICEL Biopark, Govt.of Tamil Nadu, 3rd April, 2003.
  94. Convocation Address, Third Graduation day at SSN Engineering College, 14th March, 2003.
  95. Emerging trends in Computer and Communication technologies, The Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Award Lecture, Local Chapter of INSA, Pune University, Pune, 12th March, 2003.
  96. Information & Communication Technologies - A vehicle for National Development, Knowledge Management Workshop at the University of Sydney, Australia on 6th February, 2003.
  97. Copyright & Digital Information, NCSI Alumni Association, Choksi Hall, IISc, Bangalore, 25th January, 2003.
  98. Will we see the Spiritual Machines? -Toward the Future, International symposium on ‘Science and the Spiritual Quest II’ at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore on 9th January, 2003.
  99. Information Technology, Indian Science Congress, Bangalore University, (Visweswara Auditorium), Bangalore, 6th January, 2003.
  100. Trends in ICT, Indian Children’s Science Congress, Manasa Bhavan Auditorium, Bangalore, 5th January, 2003.
  101. Terascale Computing and Beyond, HPC Asia 2002, at Leela Palace, Bangalore, 17th December, 2002.
  102. Trends in ICT, Electronic Sciences Dept, Bangalore University, Bangalore, 12th December, 2002.
  103. Sharing of E-Journals through consortia in Indian Libraries, Presidential Address, Inaugural Session at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, 28th November, 2002.
  104. Information and Communication Technologies - A vehicle for India’s development, Interactive Lecture Series ‘India-My Dream’ at Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad , 19th November, 2002.
  105. Inaugural Talk for the release of software for hearing impaired children, National Level Conference On Empowering Technologies In Educating Hearing Impaired Children In India, Dr.Mahalingam College Of Engineering & Technology, Pollachi, 14th November, 2002.
  106. Web Based Application Software: How important for the future,  Conference on IT/Software Industries in India and Asian Development at  Le- Meridian, Chennai on 12th November, 2002.
  107. Cyber Terrorism and National Security, Annual Conference of DGPs/ IGPs of state and Central Police Organizations at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on 29th September, 2002.
  108. Trends in Information Technology, Engineers & Scientist Association meet at the Institution of Engineers (INDIA), Institution Hall, Neyveli on 31st August, 2002.
  109. Trends in Information Technology, Annual District Convention at the Tagore centenary Hall in Calicut, Kerala on 6th April, 2002.
  110. Computational Challenges in Electro Magnetics, Institute Colloquium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on 2nd April, 2002.
  111. Information Technology and Development, Workshop for Policy makers from ASEAN countries at IIM, Bangalore on 6th March, 2002.
  112. Teacher of the Future,  Faculty Development Program - Inauguration of Workshops (Series 18) at Siddaganga Institute of Technology , Tumkur on  4th March, 2002.
  113. IT Scenario In India- Retrospects & Prospects,  Anna University, Chennai on 15th February, 2002.
  114. Internet Engineering for Libraries and Information Centres, National Convention Held by INFLIBNET, “Caliber-2002” at the Inter University Centre, Jaipur on 14th February, 2002.
  115. Universal Digital Library- Technology, Society And The Law, National Seminar on W3e (World Wide Web Education) at the University Of Mysore, Mysore on 15th January, 2002.
  116. Future of Computer Science, Annual Seminar-Cum Exhibition of Student Projects at SLN College of Engineering, Raichur, 21st December, 2001.
  117. Information Technology, Inauguration of Computer Centre at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, 7th December, 2001.
  118. Technology, Law & The Society, Annual Lecture On Digital Library, DELNET  at India International Centre, New Delhi,  29th November, 2001.
  119. Full Text Electronic Information In Engineering & Technologies, Access Options & Possibilities, National Seminar On Knowledge Networking in Engineering & Technology Education & Research at IIT, Delhi,  12th December, 2000.
  120. Information Security- an Indian Perspective Key Note Address, Connect 2000, International Conference on IT Security Issues, Doha, Qatar , 29th April, 2000.
  121. Trends in ICT, DAE Workshop - Vision for IT in the Next Millennium,  Department of Atomic Energy, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, December, 1999.
  122. Information Warfare, Technology Panel of the National Security Advisory Board, November, 1999.
  123. High Performance Computing, Information security and Networking the Nation, (Three talks) Public Lectures and Key Note Address,  International IT Conference IITC99 Srilanka, November, 1999.
  124. Trends In Information Technology & Information Security, Prof.M.R.Kumbhar Memorial Lecture at Karnataka University, Dharwad on 10th February, 1999.
  125. Invited Speaker on “India the Software Super Power”,  Asia Outlook meeting,  Institute for the Future, USA at Hong Kong, May, 1998.
  126. Applications of Computational Electromagnetics, Annual faculty lecture of JNC for Advanced Scientific Research, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre, Bangalore, 13th November, 1997.
  127. Information Warfare, Seminar on Emerging Dimensions of the Information Age: Impact on National Security, at the National Defense College, New Delhi, 12th - 13th November, 1997.
  128. Super Computer, Calcutta University, in celebration of 100 years of Electron Discovery, on November, 1997.
  129. Trends in Information Technology, 50th year of Indian Independence,  DRDO, New Delhi, November, 1997.
  130. Impact of Internet on Libraries and Information Centres, Program in the honor of late Dr. S.R. Ranganathan, Father of Indian Library and Information Science at Adinet Ahmedabad Library Network, Ahmedabad, 16th August, 1997.
  131. The Impact of the Internet on Indian Society, Annual convention of the Indian National Science Congress at the Indian National Science Congress, New Delhi, 5th January, 1997.
  132. Information Technology, Eleventh  Indian Engineering Congress, The Institution of Engineers, Bangalore, 20th December, 1996.
  133. High Performance Computing in Aerospace Sciences, Dr Neelakantan Memorial Lecture, Aero Society of India ,TVM, December, 1996.
  134. Finite Difference Time Domain Techniques in EM, Osmania University, Hyderabad, December, 1996.
  135. Key Note Address on "Real Time Airborne Software Design", National Symposium on Trends and Developments in Airborne Software, Bangalore , 19th - 20th January, 1995.
  136. Key Note Address on " Trends in high performance computing  Design", SACAI-95, Advances in Computer Applications, Indira Gandhi Centre, 1995.