Research Students


     Ph. D (Completed)

  • Venkat Prasad Padhy,  Study of RCS from Aerodynamic Flow using Parallel Volume-Surface Integral Equation, 2016.

  • Neeta Trivedi,  Robust, Energy-efficient Distributed Inference in Wireless Sensor Networks With Applications to Multitarget Tracking, 2014.

  • Ciza Thomas,  Performance Enhancement of Intrusion Detection Systems using Advances in Sensor Fusion, 2009.

  • V Latha Christie,  Analysis of Coupled-Resonator Slow-Wave structures for Traveling-Wave Tubes for Aerospace Applications, 2007.

  • G Ravindra, Information theoretic approach to extractive text summarization, 2006.

  • Sujatha J, Improved MFCC front end using spectral maxima for noisy speech recognition, 2006.

  • Rajalaksmi Menon, Application of High Frequency Natural Resonances Extracted from Electromagnetic Scattering Response for Discrimination of Radar Targets with Minor Variations, 2002.

  • P Venkatesh Rao, Examination of New Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Electromagnetic Scattering Problems using Edge-based FEM, 2002.

  • Niraj Sachdeva, Investigation of Chirality for Termination of Parallelized Finite-Difference Time-Domain Algorithm in Electromagnetic Field Problems, 2000.

  • V V Surya Prakash, Theory and design of a Class of slotted waveguide antennas for airborne radar applications, 1999.

  • Reena Sharma, Scattering from chiral and chirally coated bodies, 1996.

  • Kishore Mehrotra, A jerk model for the tracking of highly maneuvering targets using sampled data, 1994.

  • V Sanjaynath, Fast adaptive multipole-algorithm for scattering from inhomogeneous dielectric cylinders of arbitrary cross-section, 1994.

  • Rakesh M Jha, Surface ray tracing on convex quadrics with applications to mutual coupling between antennas on aerospace bodies, 1989.

  • Tarun Bhattacharya, Optimum Constant-power compact pulse codes for rejection of range-doppler radar clutter, 1989.

  • Uday Shukla, New kinematic studies on the proportional navigation problem, 1988.

  • M.M.Poulos, Accurate modeling of terrain undulation and roughness effects on ILS glideslope, 1987.

  • M. Giridhar Krishna, Role of ozone in solar weather relationship, 1986.

  • Syed Asadulla Bokhari, Spectral Domain Approach to electromagnetic modeling of wire & surface geometry, 1986.

    M.Sc (Engg.) (Completed)

  • Prashant Kumar Sharma, Optimal location of distributed generation to reduce loss in Radial Distribution Network, 2014.

  • Nivedita Dutta, Study and Design of Energy Efficient Block Cipher for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs), 2014.

  • Saradha R, Malware analysis using Profile HMMs and Intrusion Detection in a stream learning setting, 2014.

  • Bharath Venkatesh, Scalable Detection of Structured P2P Botnets using Community Detection, 2013.

  • Sudip H Choudhury, An Extension of Communication Structure and Mixing Patterns in Complex Networks, 2013.

  • Arnab Kundu, An Extension of Multi Layer IPSec for supporting Dynamic QoS and Security Requirements, 2010.

  • Gaurav Sood, Speech Signal Classification Using Support Vector Machines, 2010.

  • Kolli Naimisha, Applications of Social Network Analysis to Community Dynamics, 2008.

  • Chandramani Sahoo, Intrusion Identification for mobile ad hoc networks, 2008.

  • Sabyasachi Patra, Robust Speaker Identification System, 2008.

  • Tarun Saxena, QoS over Multi-hop Wireless Networks, 2007.

  • Phani B, Applications of machine learning to anomaly detection for Intrusion Detection, 2007.

  • Neeta Trivedi, Message-efficient Clustering Technique for Economical Data Dissemination & Real-time Routing in Wireless Sensor and actor Networks, 2006.

  • Vivek Kumar, Use of Directional Antennas for Energy-Efficient Design of Coordinator and Cluster Protocols in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks, 2004.

  • Y. Sreedhar, A protocol for the Bi-directional connectivity of peers in the presence of heterogeneous internet address space, 2003.

  • N. G. Vasant Kumar, Satellite based web services, 2003.

  • G. Ravindra, Active routers for optimal delivery of streamed MPEG packets under low bandwidth constraints, 2000.

  • V. Latha Christie, Study of coupled cavity slow wave structure for traveling wave tubes in airborne radar applications, 2000.

  • B. S. Shridhar, Design of shaped doubly curved reflection antennas for airborne applications, 1996.

  • M. Premalatha, Design and implementation of gating and data association in airborne TWS radar, 1996.

  • Shishir Kumar Singh, Design and implementation of higher order Kalman for tracking highly maneuvering targets in airborne TWS radar, 1996. 

  • Rajalaksmi Menon, Characterization of land and sea clutter from airborne measurements, 1994.

  • C. Ravi Kumar, A microprocessor based integrated system for wind tunnel applications, 1987.

    Ph. D (Current Students)

  • Kolli Naimisha


   M. Sc (Current Students)

  • Lakpa Tashi Bhutia

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